Rick H.

Very helpful. Suggested a procedure for future problems.

Guby T.

Fantastic employees, top quality work, fair price.

Doug S.

It is the only heating and air I will use Been with them for over 35 years.

Joel H.

My HVAC company I used for 20 years, and numerous houses that I could always depend on said that for my new construction, not go with traditional gas-forced air, and go with a Geothermal furnace. I was shocked. He also recommended Hinrichsen. My HVAC recommended another HVAC company. It blew my mind. Every step of the way they have been wonderful, but ESPECIALLY the service after the sale. I’m a pain and known to cause issues, but Doug is a superhero. Since my construction, I’ve heard several horror stories about other local vendors new to the geo game that improperly size their units. A properly designed geothermal system will provide all of the heating and cooling that you need. That being said, I do believe in the “two is one, one is none” philosophy and have an electric backup. I turn it on once a year just to make sure everything works OK, but have yet to ever need it. I know the Water furnace is more upfront, but with six people in the house, 4800 Sq ft, 3 refrigerators, a deep freezer, numerous computers, and tech, keeping the temp at 70 in the summer and 72-74 in the winter runs an average of $180 a month. Nothing else comes close!

Debra F.

Our AC unit went out. Called the emergency number at 4 pm and Ray came out. Up and running by 7:30 pm. Great work!

Jim F.

Great experience working with Hinrichsen. On startup for the year our air conditioning did not work, we called and they had a tech heading for out house almost immediately. The technician (Will) was polite, knowledgeable and efficient. Quickly diagnosed the problem, had the parts on board, and had it quickly repaired. Good work. Good experience. We will be using them in the future.